Department: Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Campus: Hawkshead

Research Centres: Structure & Motion Laboratory

I'm working as a postdoctoral researcher on biomechanics of insect flight with Professor Richard Bomphrey in Strucuture and Motion Laboratory.

The final goal of our current project, termed "Fly-by-Feel," is to decipher how the insects detects the mechanosensory inputs on their wings and how do they utilise them to control their flight. I'm currently working on modelling the insect wings using experimental and numerical methods, including high-speed recordings and 3D reconstruciton; micro-CT; computational fluid dynamics (CFD); and computational structural dynamics (CSD; sometimes also referred to as finite element analysis (FEA) when it's done with finite element methods (FEM)). It's a colloborative work with Dr. Huai-Ti Lin and Dr. Joseph M. Fabian from Imperial College London and Dr. Simon M. Walker from University of Leeds.

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  • 2018-09-28: I have helped an event held in Natural History Museum in London "Planet 2.0 - European Researchers' Night," where I talked with people on the insect flight and offered insect-shaped handouts, which are laser-cutted from plywood.

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