Department: Research Support Office

Campus: Camden

Mark Smith is the Programme Manager for the 3-year, £5-million, Knowledge Exchange project "The Bloomsbury SET: Connecting Capability to Combat the Threat from Infectious Disease and Antimicrobial Resistance". Funded by Research England's Connecting Capability Fund, it brings together academic and professional service teams from four University of London Colleges:
- RVC (lead institution),
- LSE,
The Bloomsbury SET website is at:

Mark Smith moved to the Royal Veterinary College from the University of Keele in October 2018. At Keele he held central and faculty-based research development roles, latterly in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences. For 12 years he was the Research Manager of the Institute for Science & Techniology in Medicine (ISTM) based in an NHS hospital setting, and he has extensive experience of research funding, impact and effective technology transfer. At Keele he was responsible for managing the University's entire submission to the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise and had significant responsibility in the 2008 RAE and 2014 Research Excellence Framework, in the fields of biomedicine and health.

Mark has also worked on secondment to the Higher Education Funding Council (now Research England) in Bristol and to the European Commission's Research Evaluation Agency (REA) in Brussels. For five years he was a member of the Research Organisation Consultation Group (ROCG) which is the main interface between the UK Research Councils and universities, and prior to working at Keele he was a Higher Scientific Offcer at the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, Swindon. His research background was in a social science and engineering multi-disciplinary group at the University of Southampton.

ORCID: 0000-0001-7684-1808.

Selected Publications and Conference Presentations in the last ten years:

Smith M (2018, forthcoming) Reflection on centenaries: World War 1 and the Dual Support of academic medical research, Midlands Medicine article for Vol 28 no 6 ISBN-0269-9796 (in press).

Li W-W, Roach P & Smith M (2018) Saudi Arabian Students Biomedical Research Visits to Keele University 2011-17. Midlands Medicine Vol 28 no 5 pp186-190. ISBN-0269-9796.

Roach P & Smith M (2017) Saudi to Staffs: learning experiences from Saudi Arabian students’ biomedical research visits to Keele University 2011 to 2016; Journal of Academic Development & Education (JADE) pp25-31. (DOI:; also online at:

Smith M, Ashmore C, Hession M, James E, Pullinger M & Simon J (2017) Avoiding Rox, Traps & Gloomy Places - finding your way in the funding landscape; poster presentation at Association of Research Managers & Administrators Annual Conference, Liverpool. Awarded delegates prize for best poster.

Smith M E (2017) Applying for Research Funds; chapter in O'Brien PMS & Broughton Piplin F: Introduction to Research Methodology for Medical Specialists & Trainees, third edition, Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107699472.

Smith M E & Bateman S (2016) Brief Encounter or Indecent Proposal?; poster presentation at Association of Research Managers and Administrators Annual Conference, Birmingham.

Ormerod R M, James E & Smith M E (2015) The New World of Academic Publishing: what "open access" means for researchers; Midlands Medicine Vol 27 no 6 pp235-238 ISBN-0269-9796 Oct 2015.

Smith M E & El Haj A J (2012) In The Same Room - practical methods to encourage collaboration across scientific disciplines; presented to "Understanding Interdisciplinarity - theory and methods" conference at Sheffield Hallam University, June 2012.

Dickson L & Smith M (2011) Cognisable Caramboles: making your research and impacts clear; presented to "Good Advice for Hard Times" - Annual Conference of the Association of Research Managers and Administrators, Glasgow, June 2011.

Ashmore C & Smith M (2010) Summarising medical research for a lay audience – what do grant funders expect?; poster presentation at "Qualilty Counts" - Leighton Exhibition 2010, Leighton Hospital, Cheshire, November 2010.

Smith M & Ashmore C (2010) The Lay Summary in medical research proposals – is it becoming more important?; poster presentation at "Making an Impact" - Annual Conference of the Association of Research Managers and Administrators, Manchester, June 2010.

Smith M (2009) The Lay Summary in Medical Research - why and wherefore; Midlands Medicine Vol 25 no 5  pp191-195  ISBN-0269-9796 May 2009.

Bilsbrough N & Smith M E (2008) The Challenges of running a Research Institute or Centre; presented to "Exploring Similarities" - 2nd international conference of INORMS, Liverpool, June 2008.

Smith M (2007) Peer Review - thriving or ailing in the twenty-first century?; Midlands Medicine Vol 25 no 2 pp92-95   ISBN-0269-9796.

Hazlehurst S & Smith M E (2007) Internal Peer Review of Research; presented to "Raising Golden Geese" - Annual Conference of the Association of Research Managers and Administrators, Cardiff, June 2007.

Mark Smith has been involved in a variety of Public Understanding of Science activities with the University of Keele and most recently was an active participant in an RCUK Public Engagement with Research (SEE-PER) grant, and the Keele Institute of Liberal Arts (ILAS).  Previous activities and events have included research-based art and photographic competitions and exhibitions.

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