Department: Pathobiology and Population Sciences

Campus: Hawkshead

My main foci at the RVC are student teaching and the diagnostic service. As a clinical pathologist, I evaluate blood smears and cytology slides, as well as biochemical profiles and bone marrow. In my teaching role, I give lectures, coordinate pathology rotations, and train residents for their specialty board exam.  

I am from Switzerland, where I studied veterinary medicine in Bern. After obtaining my med. vet. degree, I wrote a doctoral thesis on equine CYP450 enzymes in the division for pharmacology and toxicology at the Vetsuisse Faculty in Bern, for which I was awarded the Faculty prize. Later, I completed a one year internship in small animal internal medicine at the small animal hospital in Bern. Subsequently, I moved to the UK to do my residence in veterinary clinical pathology at the RVC. Since passing my ACVP board exams in 2015 I am employed at the RVC as a lecturer in clinical pathology. Recently, I have been awarded the 2018 early career award by the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology.  

My main areas of research interest include cytology of bile and lymphomas, erythrocyte abnormalities, and haematology in exotic species.

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Module leader for BSc Vet Nursing (pathology elective), CertAVP, and pathology tracking rotation. Lectures, practicals, and directed learning sessions for BVetMed, BSc Comparative Pathology, BSc Vet Nursing, and FdSc Vet Nursing. Residency teaching, including daily supervision of laboratory work, case discussion rounds, journal club, in preparation for ACVP board examination, and mentoring for presentations at international conferences and publications. Writing and grading of exams, marking of research projects, and examiner for OSCEs and ISF orals. Supervision and marking of research projects. Oral and written appraisals for students and residents. Organisation and delivery of CPD courses for first opinion vets. Clinical tutor for undergraduate students.

Examination and interpretation of haematology, cytology, bone marrow, biochemical, and urine samples, from both internal and external clients.

RVC lates: Animal CSI. Royal institute London, 2017

The blood is the life – lecture and practical at the RVC summer school year 11, 2018

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