Department: Clinical Science and Services

Campus: Hawkshead

Research Groups: Host-Pathogen Interactions and Vaccinology, Immune Regulation and Cancer

Clinical Groups: Small Animal Internal Medicine

Research Centres: Clinical Investigation Centre

Karin is Professor in Small Animal Internal Medicine and Head of the Clinical Investigation Centre at the RVC. She currently spends part of her time on clinics in the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals and the rest of her time on research and teaching. Her main research interest is in canine inflammatory bowel disease.

Karin graduated from the Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich, Switzerland, in 1993. After achieving a Doctoral Thesis at the University of Zurich, she completed an Internship in Small Animal Emergency/Critical Care at Tufts University followed by a residency in Small Animal Internal Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. From 2000, Karin was employed in a joint position as lecturer and PhD student in Veterinary Immunology at the University of Berne, Switzerland, and completed her PhD thesis in 2005 on the immunology of chronic enteropathies in dogs.

Since 2005, Karin has been working as a Lecturer in Small Animal Internal Medicine at the RVC and has been promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2009, Associate Profressor and Reader in 2012, and Professor in 2014. She is currently Head of the Clinical Investigation Centre at the RVC.

Karin is a specialist in small animal practice (FVH) and a Diplomate of the European College of Small Animal Internal Medicine (DipECVIM-CA).

For more information on Karin's current research please visit the website

Allenspach Lab - Canine Innate Immunity Group (temporarily unavailable)

Karin’s current main area of research is in IBD and other causes of chronic diarrhoea in dogs. Her research team are looking at the immunology behind the disease and especially the interaction of the intestinal microbiome with innate immune receptors. Karin’s research also involves various treatment trials for these diseases. Karin collaborates with Oliver Garden, Dirk Werling, Arthur House, Dan Chan, Brian Catchpole and others at the Royal Veterinary College.

To learn more about Karin's research projects at the Clinical Investigation Centre please visit the QMH Clinical Trials. To listen to Karin's podcasts visit the Podcasts.

PhD Studentships 

We currently have no openings for new PhD positions. Please check back on this site for upcoming opportunities.

Alumni PhD students:

Aarti Kathrani (successful defense Sept 2011), RVC; co-supervisors: Prof. Dirk Werling, Dr. A. House

Silke Schmitz (successful defense Sept 2013), RVCco-supervisor Prof. Dirk Werling

Nora Berghoff (successful defense Sept 2012) (Texas A&M University)

Chris Asquith (successful defense in Sept 2014) (UCL), primary supervisor: Stephen Hilton, co-supervisor: Karin Allenspach

Current PhD stduents:

Linda Matthewman (RVC); co-supervisor Prof. Dirk Werling

Projetc title: Probiotics as prophylactic treatment to reduce the incidence and severity of diarrhoea in dogs receiving chemotherapy with doxorubicin.

Atiyeh Peiravan (RVC), co-supervisor Prof. Dirk Werling

Project title: Correlation of genotype with phenotype: Moving towards individual pharmacogenomic treatment for canine inflammatory bowel disease

Romy Heilmann (Texas A&M University)

Project title: S0012 proteins as markers for inflammatory bowel disease in dogs

International research collaborators:

Prof. Joerg Steiner and Dr. Jan Suchodolski, Texas A&M University, USA 

Prof. Kenny Simpson, Cornell University

Prof. Al Jergens, Iowa State University, USA 

Prof. Shelly Vaden, North Carolina State University, USA 

Prof. Frederic Gaschen, Louisiana State University, USA 


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Karin is heavily involved with teaching at the college. As well as teaching undergraduate rotational students and supervising senior clinical training scholars whilst on clinics Karin is strand leader and lectures in the Alimentary Strand for third year BVetMed students and runs directed learning sessions, as well as being involved as a module leader and teacher in the MVetMed for senior clinical training scholars (residents) in small animal internal medicine. She also teaches in the Final Year Elective Program and supervises a number of clinical research projects done by final-year elective students, masters students, PhD students and residents (SCTS). In addition, Karin runs a number of CPD courses including online CPD courses at the RVC.

Karin supervises all types of cases referred to the Internal Medicine Service at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals. She has a special interest in gastroenterology, especially IBD in dogs and cats, and is keen to improve non-invasive testing for these cases including genetic tests. Karin is always happy to discuss any possible referral cases.

We have many relations with charities sponsoring our research as well as with dog breed clubs supporting our various clinical research activities. Please visit our research website for further information.

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