Department: Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Campus: Hawkshead

Clinical Groups: Gait Analysis

Research Centres: Structure & Motion Laboratory

Grzegorz works as a postdoctoral researcher of Jim Usherwood team. The main theme is the human gait modeling and analysis of factors that affect its efficiency and energy optimization.

Grzegorz graduated the Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, with degree a Master of Science with a specialization in Biomechanics and Medical Equipment. Individual course of study allowed for the commencement of academic interest and cooperation with the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze (Poland), resulting in the thesis "Computer simulation of laparoscopic cardiac surgery using OpenGL". At the last year of studies made contact with the Department of Biomechanics of The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, where he worked research and teaching after graduation. Under the supervision of Professor Janusz Blaszczyk pursued his doctoral thesis "Mechanisms of human gait speed control", from which he graduated in 2008. In the meantime, significantly increased its research workshop in the field of biomechanics and human movement analysis. From 2012, he was appointed the position of assistant professor in the same place. Main research interests relate to human locomotion, factors affecting the maintenance of upright posture and new diagnostic methods in various forms of physical activity.

Since February 2015, he joined the Structure and Motion Lab, where the main theme is the human gait modeling and analysis of factors that affect its efficiency and energy optimization. Supervisor is Jim Usherwood.

The main research topic concerns the obtaining model of human gait (inverted pendulum model with prediction of ground reaction forces) for accurate reproduction of kinetic parameters. On its basis I will perform analysis of the factors contributing to energy expenditure during gait in terms of its energy optimization.

The second area of research is to improve the design of the 'spring shoes', which aim to increase walking comfort and support gait of people with inefficient or a weakened muscular system.

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His previous teaching experience relate to an area of biomechanics for students of Physiotherapy, Physical Education and Biomedical Engineering. He was a lecturer of following courses:

  • Laboratory of biomechanics

  • Laboratory of movement analysis

  • Basic biomechanics

  • Clinical biomechanics

  • Laboratory of human locomotion

  • Analysis of sports movements

  • Electronic medical equipment

He was a member of teams working at hospitals in area of gait and muscle activity analysis for adults and children.

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