Department: Clinical Science and Services

Campus: Hawkshead

Clinical Groups: Small Animal Oncology

Anneliese is a Lecturer in Oncology at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals (QMHA).

Anneliese graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1993. After five years in small animal practice, she completed a residency in oncology and small animal medicine at the University of Cambridge and was awarded the RCVS Diploma in Small Animal Medicine in 2001. Following this, she worked as a lecturer at the University of Liverpool, and then moved to the Royal Veterinary College, where she completed her PhD in 2007, working on DNA vaccine development for canine melanoma.  She achieved the ACVIM Diploma in Oncology in 2018.

All aspects of oncology clinical research, particularly cancer immunology.

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Anneliese teaches on the BVetMed course.  Formal teaching is within the Principles of Science, Lymphoreticular strands and post-rotation taught tracking in oncology. 

Anneliese is actively involved in clinical teaching of tracking and EMS BVetMed students during their Oncology rotation.

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