Department: Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Campus: Hawkshead

Research Centres: Structure & Motion Laboratory

Andrew is working on the evolution of dinosaurs and crocodiles as part of the DawnDinos team in the Structure and Motion Laboratory under Prof. John Hutchinson.

Andrew graduated from the University of Bristol in 2010 with an MSci in Palaeontolgy and Evolution. He continued his research at the University of Bristol and completed his PhD on biomechanics of ornithomimosaurs in early 2014 before taking up a Levhulme Postdoctorate position at UCL and the Royal Veterinary College working on felids in 2014. He started on his current postdoctoral role in 2016.

Andrew is presently working on a large ERC project testing whether bipedalism (and the associated suite of traits) in early dinosauriforms granted them improved locomotor performance (particularly jumping, standing and straight line efficiency and speed) compared to the bipedal and quadrupedal pseudosuchians - but at a cost of reduced ability to turn quickly. This project will involves working with live animals, anatomical dissections, and computer modelling of both extant and extinct animals in our attempts to understand the locomotion of these Triassic archosaurs.

Andrew has previously worked on the evolution and locomotion of felids, as well as cranial evolution across a range of dinosaurs and implications for dietary changes.

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