Asymptomatic Testing at the RVC

Following the first two phases of asymptomatic testing (AST) designed to reduce risk around students ‘returning home’ for the winter break and then in January to manage the risk of those returning to face-to-face activities on campus, we are now moving into a phase of more regular testing (in addition to PCR tests provided to some targeted groups) in order to better understand prevalence amongst both our community and society as a whole.  Engaging with this testing, in addition to all the other control measures we have put in place will help RVC to maintain low prevalence of the virus in our community.

Students based in Camden are strongly encouraged to continue to be tested up to twice a week at the University of London Testing Centre. To book tests click here.

Some staff and Hawkshead based students are also strongly encouraged to undertake regular testing and will have self-administered Lateral Flow tests provided to them from approximately 1 February, 2021. Follow the link on this page for instructions on how to carry out your tests. Testing is mandatory for those students entering clinical environments on our campuses.

Students will be required to inform the RVC of the results of their tests. These regular tests are an important new tool in our personal and institutional risk management which should help reduce the risk of transmission of infection amongst our community. However, it is vital that we all understand that this is just one tool. None of us can become complacent and change our behaviour just because we have had a negative test. We must assume it remains possible for us to come into contact with the virus at any time and pass it on to others unless we continue to follow the Covid Resilience Charter. Hands, face and space are as relevant as ever. If you are contacted by NHS test and trace as a close contact who needs to self-isolate you must do so regardless of whether your last LFT result was negative. NHS information regarding self-isolation is available here. Staff and students will be emailed directly with relevant information  when reporting a positive test. If you have any queries about receiving a test please contact

Students arriving into RVC accommodation either from overseas or the UK will be asked to self-isolate on arrival and then undertake PCR tests. Please select the accommodation type relevant to you here to find for more information. Once this process is complete, they should undertake regular Lateral Flow testing as outlined in this web section.


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