Asymptomatic Testing at the RVC


We will continue to make spot checks asking you to show proof of your test results, please refer to direct communications for more information.

Testing for Return to Campus for Students in the UK

Students should obtain an asymptomatic LFT test in the 72 hours prior to their return to campus. There is some updated information below about how students in different regions of the UK can access those tests.

Weekly testing for Hawkshead & Camden Students

You will be required to take part in weekly testing. For newly returning students your test at home prior to travel will count as one of those tests. When collecting your test kits, it is important to seek assistance from a member of staff at the SAWC Test Centre (Hawkshead) and Hobday Reception (Camden), and if you are in any doubt you can always return to either test kit distribution point for assistance.

You will be able to collect 7 x lateral flow tests from SAWC, 2 – 6pm, Monday to Friday, or Hobday Reception, 9-5pm Monday to Friday. Please collect these as soon as possible upon your arrival and take the first test on the same day. Thereafter, you should take 2 tests each week.

  • We are using NHS provided tests, so please collect a new batch of tests on your next visit to campus
  • Once you have the NHS tests, or any NHS tests you have already accessed from any other source, including through the post, please test twice each week and report as below to both the NHS and the RVC. Instructions for using the tests are included within each kit. Instructions may vary depending on the manufacturer, so please read the instructions carefully.
  • We will need you to continue to upload your results using our online portal. Information on testing and the links for uploading your test results can be found here: 

There is a new requirement for you to report test results to the NHS (as well as the RVC):

  • The result must be reported to the NHS within 24 hours of taking the test whether it is positive, negative, or void.
  • To report results, go to 
  • As you will be reporting results on a regular basis, it is easier to create an NHS account. This will speed up the reporting process for future results.
  • In the section ’Who was the test for?’ select the Schools/Colleges/University option.
  • When asked the name of the University, type in Royal Veterinary College. The RVC will drop down in the text box, along with the RVC postcode (AL9 7TA)
  • If the RVC name does not appear, select the option ‘I cannot find the name or postcode’.
  • Then enter the date of testing and scan the test strip QR code. When prompted, enter the result.
  • An email and text will then be sent to you by the NHS to confirm your result. Students can use this email to upload evidence of their self-test results to the RVC using the RVC online portal
  • In the event that you have a positive LFT result, in addition to reporting to the NHS, please email immediately to ensure that our local RVC contact tracing team is notified and can take swift action to protect others in our community.


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