Last updated 10th March 2021

There are some changing travel-restrictions and there are various levels of complexity dependent on the country you are travelling from. Equally, there are restrictions in many of the countries our students travel to – please be pro-active and make sure you are fully informed about specific requirements for your destination. Please note, we will not be able to contribute to the costs for testing to enter countries other than the UK.

Leaving the UK to return home for the Easter Break or to attend placements

New UK Government guidance indicates that it is permissible for higher education students to travel home for the Easter break, provided you do so only once before 29 April. You can travel back to your term-time accommodation at any time. From Monday 8th March, there is a new requirement for people who wish to leave the UK to travel abroad. Please read this information carefully if you intend to travel outside of the UK either to attend placements or to return home.

  • Current UK Government international travel restrictions limit the legally permitted reasons for international travel to very specific circumstances. These include work, education, medical or compassionate reasons, or attending a funeral. In addition, international students are also allowed to travel home for the Easter Break.
  • As of 8 March 2021 everyone exiting the UK needs to complete a Declaration Form for International Travel to provide information regarding their reason for international travel. You may be asked to produce this form, along with supporting evidence, at your departure point; failure to do so is a criminal offence. Additionally, if you try to travel without a legally permitted reason, you may be refused permission to leave the UK and also incur a fine.
  • Please think carefully before you travel internationally, considering the impact on your studies if you were unable to return to the UK for face-to-face study activities, including practicals, placements, rotations and assessment, due to changed travel restrictions or were prevented from engaging with these face to face study activities due to changed self-isolation requirements.
  • If your reason for international travel is to attend an EMS or AHEMS placement overseas, we will provide you with a letter confirming this. If you do not receive this letter via email to your RVC account, please email or as appropriate to request this letter at least five working days before you are due to travel.
  • If you are an international student who is returning home, please download a “Confirmation of enrolment” letter from RoVer to evidence that you are currently enrolled at the RVC.

Remember that there are restrictions in many countries and that you may be required to organise COVID-19 tests in order to enter these countries. It is your personal responsibility to ensure you have all of the required documentation and testing to ensure you can travel.

Returning to the UK for Term 3

For return to the UK, please read the information below carefully and follow this link to find out if the country you are travelling from or through is on the red list.  Be aware that the country you are travelling from/through could move onto the red list at short notice and this guidance may change so you must continue to check prior to your departure. Only British or Irish Nationals, or those who have residence rights in the UK are allowed to enter the UK from a Red List Country.

  • Non-red list countries 
    Please read this carefully; there are new requirements for testing upon arrival in the UK. Anyone arriving from a non-red list country will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test within the 72 hour period prior to travel (more information about this here). On arrival, you will need to self-isolate at the place you are staying for 10 days AND you must also get 2 COVID-19 tests after you arrive in England. You will need to book these before you travel. For more information on arrival in the UK, please follow this link. You can find the link to book the compulsory travel testing package here. There is a charge for this testing scheme – currently £210. The RVC will contribute £100 towards the cost of this test and up to £100 for the cost of the pre-arrival test. Information on how to claim this can be found here.   

    The Test to Release scheme is still operating in the UK for those who are arriving from non-red list countries. This allows you to take a private COVID-19 test no earlier than day 5 of your self-isolation period. This test is in addition to the 2 COVID-19 tests you must take (see above). More information about the Test to Release scheme can be found here.

  • Red List Countries
    Anyone arriving from a Red List country will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test within the 72 hour period prior to travel. The RVC will contribute up to £100 for the cost of the pre-arrival test. Information on how to claim this can be found here.

    The UK Government has recently increased the self-isolation requirements for travellers from countries on the Red List meaning that if you have been in, or travelled through a Red List country you will have to self-isolate in UK Government approved hotels at your own cost for 10 days without the ability to Test and Release. More information about booking a room in a quarantine hotel approved by this scheme can be found here. The current cost for 1 adult is £1750.

    Students from Red List countries who are currently in the UK are encouraged to discuss their travel plans for the Easter break with the Advice Centre ( We are aware that many students will be looking forward to travelling home to see family. However, the significant financial costs, as well as the wellbeing issues in self-isolating in Government mandated hotels, must also be considered.

Please complete the below form if you are committing to 10 days self-isolation in RVC accommodation when returning to the RVC because you have travelled from overseas.

Once you have completed your period of self-isolation/testing related to your return to the Camden Campus, you should join in with the ongoing asymptomatic testing either by visiting the University of London testing site if you are based in the UK, or collecting self-lateral flow tests if you are based at the Hawkshead Campus.  Further details on arrangements for collection will be issued in due course.  Please remember to check your emails.

Self-isolation confirmation

Please complete the below form if you are required self-isolate for 10 days in RVC accommodation when returning to the RVC because you have travelled from overseas.

Self-isolation Declaration Form →

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