Being part of the RVC community requires us all to look after ourselves and each other. Our Behaviours Framework and Student Code of Conduct place an expectation and responsibility on us, as individuals, to do the right thing and ensure that the risks of COVID-19 are minimised for us all.

With the consequences of acquiring infection having a major impact on the life not only of the infected person but also all those who may have been in contact with them, we must all be advocates for our resilience commitment, and from that, make the following pledge:

I pledge to protect myself and others by:

  1. Monitoring myself for signs of SARS-COV-2 infection (cough, aches, fever etc)
  2. Should I have any of these symptoms informing the College immediately, seeking immediate
    medical advice and having myself tested for COVID-19
  3. Wearing a face covering and other PPE as required
  4. Abiding by social distancing requirements
  5. Observing hygiene measures (regular hand washing and disinfection of my workspace)

I pledge to protect our community by:

  1. Observing scheduling and access control measures in our buildings
  2. Behaving appropriately and responsibly in social settings on AND off campus
  3. Challenging and, if necessary, reporting inappropriate behaviours
  4. Being tested for COVID-19 and self-isolating when appropriate or requested to do so
  5. Participating in influenza vaccination and other preventive public health programmes

By submitting my name and email address I am making a pledge to my commitment to COVID-19 resilience at the RVC.

The RVC will not use your personal information other than for aggregated anonymised statistical purposes to identify how many different members of the RVC community have made the Pledge. Nor will we pass it on to any third parties

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