Being part of the RVC community requires us all to look after ourselves and each other. Our Behaviours Framework and Student Code of Conduct place an expectation and responsibility on us, as individuals, to do the right thing and ensure that the risks of COVID-19 are minimised for us all.

The RVC will:

  1. Prioritise safety and wellbeing
  2. Use science-based rationale
  3. Implement risk-based planning and protocols
  4. Deliver high quality teaching, research, clinical care and professional services 
  5. Meet all our accreditation standards
  6. Take all reasonable steps to prevent and control outbreaks of COVID-19 at the RVC

Our staff and students should protect themselves and others by:

  1. Being tested for COVID-19 and self-isolating when appropriate or requested to do so
  2. Monitor themselves for signs of SARS-COV-2 infection (cough, aches, fever etc) and participate in influenza vaccination and other preventive public health programmes
  3. Wear a face covering and other PPE as required Abide by social distancing requirements
  4. Observe hygiene measures (regular hand washing and disinfection of workspaces)
  5. Keep up to date with and follow current UK Government and RVC advice and requirements  

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