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Additional Hawkshead Student Rest areas

The QMHA tea room is currently closed as it does not offer enough space for students to effectively social distance. A marquee will be installed by 28/9/2020 outside the QMHA for students there and in Equine to use as a rest area.

Clinical Skills Centre

The Clinical Skills Centre (CSC) is currently only open for some students who are attending Hawkshead as part of their course. BVetMed 4 and 5, Cohort 17 VNs (living on campus) and Cohort 15 VNs (on placement in the QMH) and then also attending for the OSCE revision week will have access to the facilities by appointment only at different times prior to the Christmas break. Students from these groups who require more information and to make bookings please click here.  No other students will be permitted access to CSC until further notice.

Food and Drink

  • All catering outlets are only open to those students attending on-campus courses, staff and clients.
  • Restaurants are open for take away food services, with contactless payment only.
  • Cafés are open for hot drinks and pre-packaged snacks.
  • Outside catering hours there are a range of vending machines stocked on both campuses.
  • Kitchens and tea points will remain in use, but with restricted numbers. Staff and students are advised to bring their own water bottles and mugs, which must be taken away and washed each day.
  • Haxby - closed until further notice
  • Buttery- closed until further notice
  • With social distancing measures now in place, there is a reduced seating capacity in the restaurant at Hawkshead.

Where possible staff should take food and drink back to their office and we are installing a marquee (to open by 28/9/2020) outside the restaurant to provide additional seating for staff and students to have their meals.If you wish to eat in an outside space, please remember that you must social distance by 2m.  If space in the restaurant or the marquee is limited, you are encouraged to make use of the Eclipse cafe and social learning spaces.

Halls of Residence

  •  Student accommodation will be available as usual.
  • Those sharing accommodation will be treated as family unit inside the accommodation.
  • Assistance will be available from the College if you develop COVID-19 symptoms and need to self-isolate (e.g. food deliveries).
  • Laundry facilities are currently open.

Library and IT Services

  • Physical/face to face services are only open to those students attending an on-campus course
  • Students on off-campus courses can access all other Library services such as ejournals, ebooks, scanning service
  • Books for those continuing students on off-campus courses have been automatically renewed until January 2021
  • Learning Resources Centres will be open from 1st September for users to access the physical collection and for reduced capacity study space. Reduced hours will operate initially and will be reviewed regularly. Updates and opening times will be displayed on LEARN and the Library and IT intranet pages
  • Libraries will operate additional services in the form of a “click and collect” book and scanning services which can be accessed via the Service Desk Portal or email 
  • Open access IT spaces will be available at reduced capacity to allow for social distancing. Cleaning wipes for keyboards and hand sanitisers will be available
  • Social learning spaces will be open, but at a reduced capacity

Meetings and Events

  • All office spaces will reopen with localised restrictions and social distancing measures. 
  • Please be considerate of colleagues when visiting other business areas.
  • All meetings will take place via video conference (MS Teams etc.) until further notice.
  • Meeting rooms will only be available for sensitive, face-to-face discussions.
  • Hot desking spaces will not be available immediately on reopening.
  • We will use virtual meeting platforms and digital tools available. Further information can be found on LEARN
  • We will reduce occupancy levels in all areas to maintain safe social distancing.

RVC Events

In order to support the health, safety and wellbeing of staff, students and visitors, the RVC will only run mission critical events during the period July-December 2020.  Many of our offerings are now online. Click to view the updated policy and additional guidelines (July to December 2020) for staff or students planning an event.  

Post Room

The Post rooms at both Camden and Hawkshead will be concentrating on supporting essential mail and deliveries. Therefore, we would ask that private packages are, wherever possible, not addressed to the RVC remind staff and students that deliveries from Amazon can be directed to the Amazon locker facilities Bitzer at Camden and Berry at Hawkshead.  Only those students resident on campus and/or attending on-campus courses should utilise post room services.

Research Facilities

A new system has been developed to allow people to apply for access to research facilities. There will only be a limited number of spaces that can be allocated. We have set out strict rules on which the use of the facilities can be allowed - if these are not adhered to closely future access to the facilities may be denied. This process has been reviewed on a monthly basis and the system refined.

For full details of the rules and to download the relevant forms please visit Accessing the College's Research Facilities (on the RVC intranet).

RVC Shop

The RVC shop sells a range of RVC branded clothing and gifts.  The shop is currently closed on campus but orders can still be placed online    Please allow up to two weeks from purchase to delivery.     

Students' Union facilities

The SU Shop is prioritising Freshers equipment first and working on a way to safely deliver other veterinary supplies, please check our social media for updates.

See Food and Drink section for information on Haxby and Buttery.

SAWC, Gyms & Sports Facilities

SAWC and Gym

  • All sports facilities are only open to students attending on-campus courses and staff attending work at the relevant campus
  • The Sports and Wellbeing Centre (SAWC) is operating on a reduced capacity basis and booking in advance in person is currently required, we are looking to implement an online booking system shortly. Users should not come to Hawkshead solely to use the SAWC but should utilise the facility whilst on site as part of either their blended learning programme or working on site if a member of staff.
  • We are exploring the opportunity to conduct online classes with our regular instructors as well as the SAWC staff, updates and opening times will be displayed on LEARN and the SAWC intranet page
  • The tennis courts and Multi-use Games Area at Hawkshead are open with a booking system in place
  • The sports field is accessible for non-contact sports and exercise.
  • The Camden gym and fitness studio are currently closed and this will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by SU and Campus Services.

Hawkshead Tennis Courts

  • The Hawkshead tennis courts are open but for the use of Hawkshead Campus residents only.
  • Sessions should be booked, in advance, via the Security. Players will be asked to provide proof of address/accommodation card to security when signing in gatehouse,, and users will need to report to the gatehouse both at the start and end of their allotted time to collect the gate code, present their ID card as well as confirming that the courts are free after use.Security will conduct regular patrols to ensure that the courts are being used correctly and that users are following all necessary social distancing protocols whilst using the courts and moving around campus.
  • No spectators allowed on courts.
  • Where safe and appropriate, doors and court gates should be left open during playing hours.
  • Maximum of two people per court (singles play only). Players can be from different households but must live on site.
  • The only exception to the above is where a group of four players are all from the same household in which case they can play doubles.

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