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Academic Registry

The Academic Registry team provides a range of professional administrative support to staff and students via the following teams:

  1. Academic Quality
  2. Course Support
  3. Exams Office
  4. Graduate School 
  5. Placement Office
  6. Student Appeals, Complaints and Conduct
  7. Student Records and Fees

During Term 3 in 2019/20 we successfully transitioned to remote working and provided our services virtually. We will continue to provide these services remotely to all staff and students in 2020/21 and can be contacted as below:

1) Academic Quality

Please visit our dedicated webpages to find out more about the work of the Academic Quality team. 
If you need to contact us, please visit our intranet staff listing.

2) Course Support
Consisting of programme support co-ordinators and the timetabling team, we provide support for academics to support the delivery of all taught degrees at the RVC. 
To contact your programme support co-ordinator, please visit our intranet staff listing.

3) Exams Office
We have overall responsibility for the administration and conduct of assessment procedures, organising and operating RVC examinations and the publication of the results to both students and staff.
If you have a general query you can contact us via . However, we have exams officers dedicated to courses so if you have a specific query you should contact the officer for your course and year as designated on our intranet staff listing.

4) Graduate School
We provide an admissions service for our postgraduate research courses and clinical training. If you have a query regarding admission to these, please contact us as below:
Postgraduate research – 
Clinical training – 
(Please note that queries for undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses must be directed to

We also provide professional administrative support to postgraduate research students and supervisors. If you are an existing postgraduate research student at the RVC and need to contact us, please email
If you are currently undertaking clinical training at the RVC, please contact your supervisor in the first instance.

5) Placement Office
Our role is to administer and support student placements for the BVetMed and Nursing courses. We process student placement requests ensuring they meet RCVS and RVC requirements. How you contact us will depend on the type of placement that you are taking: – for Animal Husbandry Extra Mural Studies placements (also known as AHEMS/Pre-clinical EMS) – for Extra Mural Studies placements (also known as Clinical-EMS) – all placements for the FdSc and BSc Veterinary Nursing courses

6) Student Appeals, Complaints and Conduct
Our student-facing policies and procedures are available on our webpages. 
If you need to contact us about an appeal, complaint or conduct issue, please use the email addresses below:
Appeals – 
Complaint – 
Conduct – 

7) Student Records and Fees
We support students by facilitating online enrolment, producing letters and transcripts, confirming student enrolment status to the Student Loans Company and processing US Federal Loans.
Most letters can be produced by students on request via our student portal, RoVer. You will need to log-in using your RVC username and password (available only after you have been invited to complete your first enrolment at the RVC). If you need a letter that you cannot produce yourself, please email  and we will be happy to help.
If you have a query regarding your US Federal Loan, please visit our US Federal Loan webpages for further information or email for assistance.

Academic Registry helpdesks located in the Camden Student Centre, ground floor Hobday building and on the ground floor next to the Eclipse Café at Hawkshead are re-opening on Monday 25 January 2021 and will operate opening hours of 10:00 to 12:30 and 13:00 to 16:00 until Friday 5 February 2021. From 8 February 2021, our services will be available remotely (see above) but if it is determined that your query cannot be resolved in this way we will arrange an appointment for you to come to campus for resolution within two working days.

Additional Hawkshead Student Rest areas

The QMHA tea room is currently closed as it does not offer enough space for students to effectively social distance. A marquee has been installed outside the QMHA for students there and in Equine to use as a rest area.

Clinical Skills Centre

The Clinical Skills Centre (CSC) is open during working hours as well as our Thursday Lates session until 8pm. We are only operating a booking system for drop-in use on the Thursday evenings, so please have a look at our Learn pages which will give you further details about how to book these. CSC users are required to wear a mask and be mindful of keeping at least a 1m distance in line with current RVC guidance. If you have any queries, please contact the Manager Nicki Coombes on or the group email of

Food and Drink


The Restaurant and Eclipse Café are open as usual.  There are marquees outside the Restaurant and QMHA providing additional seating.

The Buttery

The Buttery will be open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings of each week.  Some localised restrictions may apply.  We are working towards removing these restrictions for Term 1.


The Restaurant and Lightwell Café are open as usual.

Haxby Bar

The Haxby will open for Term 1. Opening hours are currently under review.

Halls of Residence

  • Student accommodation will be available as usual.
  • Those sharing accommodation will be treated as family unit inside the accommodation.
  • Assistance will be available from the College if you develop COVID-19 symptoms and need to self-isolate (e.g. food deliveries).
  • Laundry facilities are currently open.

Learning and Wellbeing – Student support services

Learning and Wellbeing provides a range of academic and student support services to staff and students via the teams below. We are offering all of our services, appointments and events on both campuses and online. Click on each team to find out more about what they offer and how to get in touch.

Looking for more? Check out our staff and student one-stop shops for a wide variety of resources, events and appointments on LEARN:

Library and IT Services

  • Updates and opening times will be displayed on LEARN and the Library and IT intranet pages.
  • Libraries will operate additional services in the form of a “click and collect” book and scanning services which can be accessed via the Service Desk Portal or email 
  • Books for those continuing students on off-campus courses have been automatically renewed until 30th September 2021


Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 12pm-6pm, Sun CLOSED.

  • Click & Collect Book Service Available
  • Seating areas reduced to maintain 1m social distancing


Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat and Sun CLOSED

  • Click & Collect Book Service Available
  • Seating areas reduced to maintain 1m social distancing

Meetings and Events

For the latest guidance on running RVC events or attending events, please contact 

Social and teaching spaces


Open access space (S80)

  • Seating areas partially reduced to maintain 1m social distancing
  • Cleaning wipes for keyboards and hand sanitisers are available

Social Learning Space

  • Seating areas partially reduced to maintain 1m social distancing
  • The bookable rooms all have occupancy limits posted on the doors


  • Available for quiet study when not in use for timetabled teaching
  • Maximum occupancy limits posted on the doors


  • ALT available as quiet space. Exit via rear doors only

SU Common Room

  • Open
  • Maintain 1m social distancing

Teaching labs and CSC 

  • Separate timetabling and booking processes are in place for scheduled and sign up sessions


Open access space (F24 and mezzanine)

  • Seating areas partially reduced to maintain 1m social distancing
  • Cleaning wipes for keyboards and hand sanitisers are available

Social Learning Space (Reception)

  • Currently open

F1A, F4, F24, LT3

  • Available for quiet study when not in use for timetabled teaching

F25/F26 (bookable)

  • Available for quiet study when not in use for timetabled teaching

SU Common Room

  • Open
  • Maintain 1m social distancing

North lightwell

  • Open for dining or quiet study
  • Partial reduction in seating to Maintain 1m social distancing

Students' Union facilities

The SU Shop is prioritising Freshers equipment first and working on a way to safely deliver other veterinary supplies, please check our social media for updates.

See Food and Drink section for information on Haxby and Buttery.

SAWC, Gyms & Sports Facilities

SAWC and Gym

The Gym at Hawkshead is open as usual for booked appointment slots, Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, for students and staff.

Updates and opening times are displayed on LEARN and the SAWC intranet page.

The sports field is accessible for exercise.

We are currently reviewing the sports facility ‘return to play roadmap’ with the aim of team sports being undertaken from Term 1.

Camden Gym is open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Capacity is limited to two users per session and can be booked via Learn. Inductions are available as usual LEARN

Hawkshead Tennis Courts

The tennis courts at Hawkshead are open for students and staff.

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