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Staff and Researchers

Safety on Campus

Campus Services


1. Assume personal responsibility to safeguard the whole RVC community

  • Commitment
  • Risk assessment a personal responsibility
  • Protection of vulnerable individuals

2. Implement individual health and safety practices and protocols

  • Supply and use of RVC face masks and other PPE
  • Continued observation of hand washing and disinfection
  • Observation of social distancing and other behaviours
  • Face masks/coverings must be worn at all times when on either campus unless
    • In a private office whilst seated and socially distanced from others.
    • Eating or drinking (indoors or outdoors) when socially distanced from others.
    • Students are in their social accommodation bubble.
    • Using the gym, where this would impact on the ability to take part in exercise or strenuous activity

Face masks do not have to be worn when outdoors, but must be worn outside when unable to maintain social distancing in line with Government guidelines e.g. when working with animals, portering, or maintenance duties means than social distancing is impossible.

  • Special rules and PPE will apply in clinical facilities
  • Compliance with quarantine requirements and self-isolation where required
  • Compliance with testing and contact tracing

3. Observe restrictions and instructions in physical spaces

  • Campus density restrictions
  • Commitment to redesign learning spaces
  • Prioritisation of practical and clinical sessions
  • Observation of group size and learning bubble requirements
  • Reorganisation and re-prioritisation of accommodation provision
  • Consideration of needs of others to work in same/contiguous spaces

4. Advance our educational, research and clinical missions in a safe and responsible way

  • Safety a priority over all other considerations
  • Minimising risk wherever possible, whilst recognising that zero risk is not possible
  • Assessment of critical career, needs-based access to laboratories and clinical caseload
  • Rescheduling and shift-based approach to all facilities
  • Apply robust safety protocols for dealing with our collaborators, clients and necessary visitors

5. Be flexible in our expectations, recognising they are for the wellbeing of all

  • Managed return to campuses
  • Provision of quality blended learning and teaching options
  • Altered priority for accommodation
  • Phased, flexible and altered timetabling
  • Safe scheduling of laboratory access
  • Working from home and/or on campus

6. Anticipate and plan for emergencies, outbreaks and other contingencies

  • Pause
  • Contain
  • Test
  • Control

We will:

Prioritise safety and wellbeing

Use science-based rationale

      Implement risk-based planning and protocols 

     Provide our community with PPE and other COVID-19 critical control materials

 Deliver high quality teaching, research, clinical care and professional services

 Work towards our Strategic Plan 2019-21

Meet all our accreditation standards

Take all reasonable steps to prevent and control outbreaks of COVID-19 at the RVC

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