Previous messages sent to BSc and MSci Biological Sciences Offer Holders from the Principal.

Message to Offer Holders - 12 June

This message was sent to all our Offer Holders for our Biological Science Courses on Friday 12th June. Students holding offers for Intercalated BSc Bioveterinary Science or Intercalated BSc Comparative Pathology will be updated as soon as arrangements are in place.

  • BSc Biological Sciences
  • BSc Bioveterinary Sciences
  • BSc Biological Sciences or BSc Bioveterinary Sciences with a Certificate in Work-Based Learning and Research
  • BSc Animal Biology, Behaviour, Welfare and Ethics
  • MSci Applied Biological Research
  • MSci Applied Bioveterinary Research
  • MSci Biological Sciences
  • MSci Bioveterinary Sciences
  • MSci Wild Animal Biology

We are delighted that you have confirmed your place at the RVC and are looking forward to meeting you at the beginning of the academic year in September 2020. The past few months have been unprecedented in terms of the disruption to normal life across the globe and we acknowledge the difficult decisions that you have had to make about your education during this period.The current COVID-19 pandemic highlights the global need for biological and bioveterinary scientists in identifying and understanding the diseases humans and animals can share. The training you will receive at the RVC will be both world class and in demand in the years to come.

At the RVC we have been working hard to support the education of our current students and prepare for the education of our future students and continue to do so whilst working within the current guidelines and rules set out by the UK Government.The safety and security of all our students and staff will remain our top priority as changes to restrictions emerge over the coming months.

With the safety of our whole community at the forefront of all of our decisions, we are now writing to you to confirm that your course will commence on the 28th September 2020 and for at least the first term (September-December 2020) teaching will be off campus and delivered through our virtual learning environment (VLE). Lectures will be recorded to allow you the most flexible learning experience and small group teaching, such as directed learning sessions and tutorials will be delivered in real-time using a variety of interactive platforms. We will also be using state of the art educational tools to help you understand the complexities of undertaking practical biosciences experiments in the laboratory, and you will start to put this knowledge into practice in January when we hope to welcome you on campus. This means you will not be required to move to campus until at least the beginning of term two in January 2021.

We recognise this was not how you were expecting your university life to begin and that you will not be able to meet the staff and your fellow students face to face in the first few months. However, we have already been able to deliver an excellent educational experience and created a successful online community with our current students and we are working hard every day to enhance this. We are confident that by the time we do meet face to face you will already feel a highly valued part of the RVC family.

We will be writing to you again over the coming weeks with more detail about joining the RVC and how term one teaching will be conducted, informing you of any changes as more guidance regarding releasing of restrictions is determined by the UK Government. We appreciate your patience as we produce this information in a rapidly changing world but one in which you can make a real difference. 
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