For Pet Owners

For Pet Owners

Your vet has referred your pet to us because they know we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver the best possible treatment and care.  Your pet will be looked after by a team of specialist vets and nurses from around the world whose main focus is on making animals better.

Exceptional animal and client care for everyone

As well as being experts in their fields, our staff are first and foremost animal lovers. Most of us have pets and we appreciate the distress felt when animals are ill or injured. We strive to deliver exceptional client care as well as animal care. We will fully explain to you what is happening to your pet and share detailed medical and aftercare information with your local vet. 

Our clinical teams are supported by veterinary specialists-in-training, who are experienced vets undergoing advanced training in their chosen fields, just as NHS consultants will have done. Competition to become veterinary specialists-in-training is intense, with many highly qualified vets applying for each place. The veterinary nursing team is made up of some of the most experienced and best qualified nurses in the UK, many of whom have advanced qualifications in their chosen fields. They have expertise in caring for some of the most challenging cases seen in veterinary practice and nursing them back to health.

Visiting your pet in hospital

We encourage owners to visit their pets in hospital in most cases, but please be aware of information about doing so in this PDF document, so that you can support your pet as much as possible during the recovery process.

Our vets and veterinary nurses have a genuine love of animals. The care received is second to none

The people and facilities at the RVC ensure all pets receive the best care

Kathleen Foxley - Pet owner

    Open quoteMy dog, Juice, developed cancer in her elbow and needed an amputation followed by chemotherapy. Juice has amazed everybody with her recovery and is enjoying an excellent quality of life. I cannot express how grateful I am for the excellent care Juice received.close quote

For pet owners:

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