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The Royal Veterinary College and the Dairy Development Centre have established a collaboration called the Welsh Regional Veterinary Centre. The WRVC provides a farm health investigation service to vets and farmers in Wales. The service will be delivered throughout Wales.

During these investigations the team (one vet and up to 6 veterinary students) will work with the farmers and their own vets to identify problems that might impair the productivity, health or welfare of animals in the herd or flock. The inquiry usually involves a series of farm visits for individual animal examination, production evaluation, and an analysis of any relevant management processes.

This allows the WRVC to train Final Year Veterinary Students from the RVC in the skills needed to advise farmers at a herd or flock level ensuring they are prepared to work in the modern agricultural industry.

Alongside training the final years in advising farmers the WRVC gives the students grounding in food safety from the farm to the supermarket.  In collaboration with local abattoirs  they are given an experience of the welfare and food safety requirements required to produce the high quality food Wales is renowned for.

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