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BSc Veterinary Nursing UCAS Code: D313
Institution Code: RVET R84

What is the BSc Veterinary Nursing programme?

The BSc Veterinary Nursing programme is a full-time 4 year degree programme taught at the Hawkshead campus.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has granted full approval to the Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing incorporated into this course, which means that students enrolled on our course are exempt from sitting the RCVS external examinations. This means that by the end of your 3rd year you will be able to register as a qualified Veterinary Nurse allowing to time to concentrate on your academic project in the 4th year.

What is Veterinary Nursing?

Veterinary Nurses work alongside Veterinary Surgeons in order to provide a high standard of care for animals. They normally work within a veterinary surgery or veterinary hospital and are involved in a wide range of care and treatment, including: providing skilled supportive care for sick animals; undertaking minor surgery; monitoring during anaesthesia; medical treatments and diagnostic tests under veterinary supervision. Veterinary Nurses also play an important role in the education of owners on good standards of animal care.

Many qualified Veterinary Nurses working in a veterinary practice continue to take on greater responsibilities as time goes by, such as supervision of staff and hospital wards, practice management and teaching/training other nurses or supporting staff.

Positions outside veterinary practice include work in research establishments, laboratories, universities, colleges, zoological/wildlife parks, charities, pharmaceutical companies and breeding/boarding kennels.

An exciting curriculum by design

This exciting programme offers you the best of both worlds - a solid grounding in the practical essentials of Veterinary Nursing, and a stimulating exploration of its academic under-pinning and leads to a BSc degree of the University of London.

As the UK’s only independent veterinary school, we have an established reputation for developing innovative approaches to learning. We will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your chosen profession.

(Three Veterinary Nurses stroking a cat) (Veterinary Nurse student squats down to look at injured dog)

Hands on experience

As a Veterinary Nursing student you'll complete at least 60 weeks of practical training at a range of excellent veterinary practices, including the RVC's own world-leading hospitals - giving you hands-on experience and real insight into the day-to-day role of the veterinary nurse.

These 60 weeks of practical training are completed within the first three foundation years of the degree programme. At the end of the first three foundation years, providing you have met the assessment requirements, you will achieve your professional Veterinary Nursing qualification.

During the final year of the programme you will hone your research techniques and choose from a range of cutting-edge modules taught by RVC nurse educators and world-renowned clinicians from the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals. You will also have the option of completing your practical experience at a wider range of facilities including working with wild animals, behavioural centres, equine practices, exotic practices and other referral centres.

What's next...

Hopefully this is just the start of your relationship with the RVC and we hope to meet you in the near future at RVC on tour, a UCAS Convention, an RVC Campus tour, an Open Day or at interview. To see all of the opportunities that are available for you to visit the RVC take a look at the Visit Us page.

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