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This list includes members of RVC staff, clinical training scholars and PhD students.


Robert Abayasekara Senior Lecturer
Siobhan Abeyesinghe Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Katie Adam PhD Student
Rafique Alam Departmental Technician
Pablo Alarcon Research Fellow in Food Systems
Florence Albert Davie PhD Student (Bomphrey)
Hatim Alibhai Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia
Steven Allen Research Fellow
Vivian Allen Postdoctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Biomechanics
Karin Allenspach Associate Professor and Reader in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Steve Amos Electronics Technician (Wilson)
Liz Armitage-Chan Lecturer in Veterinary Education


Dominic Barfield Lecturer in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care
Christopher Basu PhD Student (Hutchinson)
Clive Bate Lecturer
Wendy Beauvais PhD student & Resident of the European College of Veterinary Public Health
Nick Bell Lecturer in Livestock Veterinary Extension Services
Camilla Benfield Lecturer in Virology
Livia Benigni Lecturer in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging
Houda Bennani Research Assistant for NEAT
Lindsey Berriman Veterinary Clinical Radiographer
Martha Betson Research Fellow in One Health
Betty Bisdorff Research Assistant in the Economics of Surveillance
Damer Blake Senior Lecturer in Molecular Parasitology
David Bolt Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery
Richard Bomphrey Lecturer in Animal Locomotion
Ross Bond Associate Professor and Reader in Veterinary Dermatology
Richard Booth Lecturer in Veterinary Extension Services and Infectious Diseases of Cattle
Maedeh Borhani Scientific Visualisation Expert (Hutchinson)
Adrian Boswood Professor in Veterinary Cardiology
Alana Boulton PhD Student (Wathes)
Jon Bowen Behaviour Consultant
Daniel Brockman Professor of Small Animal Surgery and Head of CSS
David Brodbelt Senior Lecturer in Companion Animal Epidemiology
Fiona Brown Asst Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Skills
Susan Brown Reader in Translational Medicine
Chris Browne PhD Student
Joe Brownlie Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Pathology
Mieghan Bruce PhD Student
Emma Buckland PhD Student (Centre for Animal Welfare)
Charlotte Burn Lecturer in Animal Welfare and Behaviour Science
Chris Buse Research Engineer (Software and Systems)
Svetlana Buzdugan Research Assistant


Michelangelo Campanella Lecturer in Pharmacology
Madeleine Campbell Clinical Research Fellow
Ornella Cappellari Postdoc Researcher in Mouse Optogenetics (Spence/Wells)
Jackie Cardwell Lecturer in Epidemiology
Diego Castineiras Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Anaesthesia)
Brian Catchpole Senior Lecturer
Kyle Chadwick Biomechanics Research Technician (Hutchinson), MRes Graduate Student
Dan Chan Senior Lecturer in Emergency and Critical Care and Clinical Nutritionist. Co-Section Head for Emergency and Critical Care; Head of Nutritional Support Service; Director of ECC Senior Clinical Training Scholarship (Residency)
Ruby Chang Lecturer in Statistics
Sarah Channon Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy
Peter Chantler Professor and Chair of Veterinary Molecular and Cellular Biology
James Charles PhD Student (Wells)
Zhangrui Cheng Research Fellow
Bhagyalakshmi Chengat Prakashbabu Research Assistant
Chantal Chenu Reader
Andrew Childs Lecturer
David Church Vice-Principal (Learning and Student Experience)
Mark Cleasby Senior Lecturer
Bradley Cobb Senior Lecturer
Sophie Collins PhD Student
David Connolly Senior Lecturer in Cardiology
Nicki Coombes Manager of the Clinical Skills Centre and Clinical Educator
Andrew Crook Head of Anatomy Service
Liane Crowther PhD Student (Centre for Animal Welfare)
Andrew Cuff Postdoctoral Researcher (Hutchinson)
Lottie Cullingford Technician (Usherwood)
Fiona Cunningham Head of Graduate School and Professor of Pharmacology
Nancy Curtin Professorial Research Fellow (Wilson)


Nikolaos Dadios Senior Research Assistant
Monica Daley Senior Lecturer in Locomotor Biomechanics
Anna Dalton Equine Veterinary Surgeon
Ian Darker Chief Operating Officer and Secretary to Council
Owen Davies Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Oncology)
Charlotte Dawson Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Ophthalmology)
Peter Day Farrier
Steven De Decker Staff Clinician
Mandi De Mestre Senior Lecturer in Reproductive Immunology
Theo Demmers Senior Research Fellow
Oliver Dewhirst Postdoctoral Researcher (Wilson)
Tej Dhoot Professor of Developmental Biology
Becky Diack Research Technician (Muscle Physiology)
Felicity D'Mello Lecturer
Paula Dominguez-Salas Postdoctoral Scientist
Michael Doube Lecturer
Randi Drees Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging
Julian Drewe Lecturer in Veterinary Epidemiology
Jay Dudhia Senior Assistant Lecturer
Bettina Dunkel Senior Lecturer in Equine Medicine


Laila El-Attar Research Associate
Jonathan Elliott Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation)
Kate English Lecturer Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Hannah Evans PhD Student (Wilson)


Peter Falkingham Research Fellow (Hutchinson)
Joe Fenn Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Neurology)
Ewan Ferguson Visiting Specialist in Dermatology
Marta Fernandez-Fuente Postdoctoral Research Associate (Brown)
John Fishwick Head of Department
Andy Fiske-Jackson Lecturer in Equine Surgery
Goncalo Fonseca Esteves Staff Clinician
Ali Fouladi-Nashta Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Basic Sciences
Guillaume Fournié Research Fellow
Rob Fowkes Senior Lecturer in Endocrine Signalling
Mark Fox Professor of Veterinary Parasitology and Director, Contract Research Unit


Oliver Garden Professor of Comparative Medicine and Immunology
Rebecca Geddes Small Animal Clinical Training Scholar
Milen Georgiev Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Public Health)
Amanda Gibson Postdoctoral Scientist
Troy Gibson Lecturer in Animal Welfare Science
Will Gilbert PhD Student
Barbara Glanemann Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine
Shan Goh Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Liam Good Senior Lecturer in Pathology & Infectious Diseases
Nigel Goode Head of Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Allen Goodship Professor of Orthopaedic Sciences
David Goodwin Research Assistant
Jo Gordon PhD Student (Daley)
Tommaso Gregori Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Diagnostic Imaging)
Sue Gregory Professor of Veterinary Nursing
Line Greve PhD Student
Vincent Guerin Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Small Animal Surgery)
Claire Guinat PhD Student
Javier Guitian Professor of Veterinary Public Health


Barbara Haesler Lecturer in Agrihealth
Zoe Halfacree Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery
Jade Hall Research Technician (Daley)
Norelene Harrington Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology
Richard Harvey PhD Student (Wilson)
Ashley Heers National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Hutchinson)
Sarah Hellens Nursing Administration Manager
Anke Hendricks Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Dermatology
Andrew Hibbert Departmental Technician (Imaging Suite)
John Hildyard Postdoctoral Research Associate (Wells)
Peter Holloway PhD Student
Hannah Holt Research Assistant
Shazia Hosein PhD student
Tatjana Hubel Postdoctoral Researcher in Biomechanics (A. Wilson)
Karen Humm Lecturer in Emergency and Critical Care
John Hutchinson Professor of Evolutionary Biomechanics


Elizabeth Jackson Lecturer in Business
Shailen Jasani Staff Clinician in Emergency & Critical Care
Sonja Jeckel Veterinary Investigation Officer
Rosanne Jepson Lecturer in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Imogen Johns Senior Lecturer in Equine Medicine
Carla Johnson PhD Student (Infection and Immunity)
Kate Johnson PhD Student (Wathes)
Bryony Jones Research Assistant


Lindsay Kellett-Gregory Lecturer in Emergency & Critical Care Medicine
Sharon Kendall Lecturer
Patrick Kenny Lecturer in Veterinary Neurology & Neurosurgery
Sophie Keyte Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Small Animal Medicine)
Muhammad Khalid Senior Lecturer in Animal Reproduction
Takahiro Kitano MRes Student
Richard Kock Wildlife Health and Emerging Diseases
Elvin Kulendra Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery
Nicola Kulendra Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery


Pilar Lafuente Lecturer in Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery
Luis Lamas PhD Student (Hutchinson)
Chris Lamb Professor of Radiology
Karen Lancaster PhD Student
Alison Langridge Assistant Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Skills
Ana Lara Lecturer in Veterinary Oncology
Rachel Lawrence Senior Lecturer
Charlotte Lawson Senior Lecturer
Karla Lee Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery
Peter Lees Emeritus Professor
Chiara Leo Lecturer in Oncology
Elisa Lewis PhD Student
Anna Liedtke PhD Student (Hutchinson/Spence)
Georgina Limon-Vega Research Associate
Vicky Lipscomb Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery
David Lloyd Professor of Veterinary Dermatology
Anette Loeffler Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Dermatology
Noelia Lopez-Salesansky Assistant Named Veterinary Surgeon
John Lowe Research Engineer
Virginia Luis Fuentes Professor of Veterinary Cardiology
Rachel Lumbis Lecturer in Veterinary Nursing
Shasta Lynch Visiting Demonstrator in Oncology


Raymond Macharia Senior Lecturer
Jill Maddison Director of Continuing Professional Development and EMS
Gareth Maglennon Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Charlotte Maile Postdoctoral research fellow
Diamanto Mamuneas PhD Student (Wilson/Spence/King)
Pete Mantis Senior Lecturer in Radiology
Henny Martineau Lecturer in Viral Pathogenesis
Claire Massey Laboratory Manager
Ana Mateus Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health
Maddy Mattin PhD Student
Stephen May Deputy Principal
Duana McBride Staff Clinician in Emergency Critical Care
Imelda McGonnell Senior Lecturer
Philippa McLaren Lecturer in Clinical Pathology
Lucy McMahon Postgraduate Teaching Associate
Richard Meeson Lecturer in Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery
Nicola Menzies-Gow Senior Lecturer in Equine Medicine
Graham Milligan Vice Principal (Clinical Services)
Judy Mitchell Senior Post Doctoral Researcher
Sophie Molia PhD Student
Behzad Momahed Heravi Postdoctoral Researcher (Wilson)
Abir Mukherjee Lecturer
Imadidden Musallam PhD Student
Sofia Muses Postdoctoral Research Associate (Wells)


Toshiyuki Nakata Postdoctoral Research Assistant (Bomphrey)
Rosie Naylor PhD Student
Mandy Nevel Senior Lecturer
Stijn Niessen Senior Lecturer in Internal Medicine
Rob Noad Lecturer in Molecular Virology
Abigail Nunn Postdoctoral Research Associate


Claire Okell PhD Student
Dan O'Neill Dogs Trust Companion Animal Epidemiologist
Hils Orpet Course Director FdScVN & BSc VN
Mayowa Osundiji Research Assistant


Rowena Packer Clinical Investigations Research Assistant
Donald Palmer Senior Lecturer in Immunology
Hainy Pao PhD Student
Becky Parkes PhD Student
Birgit Parzefall Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Neurology)
Neil Paton Lecturer in Farm Animal Health and Production (WRVC)
Stuart Patterson PhD Student
Heather Paxton Postdoctoral Researcher in Biomechanics (Hutchinson)
Rosie Payne Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Cardiology)
Matthew Pead Senior Lecturer and Academic Director of Professional Assessment and Development and Director of Clinical Skills Centre
Ludovic Pelligand Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology and Anaesthesia
Justin Perkins Senior Lecturer
Karen Perry Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery
Thilo Pfau Lecturer in Bio-Engineering
Dirk Pfeiffer Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology
Nathan Phillips Postdoctoral Research Assistant (Bomphrey)
Stephanie Pierce Temporary Lecturer in Evolutionary Biomechanics
Richard Piercy Professor of Comparative Neuromuscular Disease
Andrew Pitsillides Professor of Skeletal Dynamics
Danica Pollard PhD Student
Geoff Pollott Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics and Genetics
Steven Portugal Postdoctoral Researcher (Wilson)
Simon Priestnall Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology
Fabio Procoli PhD student


Jeffery Rankin Postdoctoral Research Fellow in biomechanical Modelling and Simulation (Hutchinson)
Michelle Reeve PhD Student (Daley)
Sophie Regnault PhD Student (Hutchinson)
Stuart Reid Principal
Christopher Richards Research Fellow in Paleorobotics
Robert Rivera PhD Student
Carrie Roder Lecturer in Veterinary Education
Kyle Roskilly Postdoctoral Research Engineer (Wilson)
Jonathan Rushton Professor of Animal Health Economics
Claire Russell Senior Lecturer
Andrew Rycroft Professor of Clinical and Veterinary Microbiology


David Sajik Senior Clinical Training Scholar
Rick F Sanchez Lecturer in Ophthalmology
Sandra Sanchis Mora PhD Student (Pelligand)
Julia Sargent Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Cardiology)
Chris Seymour Lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesia
Brian Sharp Veterinary Physiotherapist
Sarah Sherman BLE Service Manager
Nick Short Head of eMedia Unit
Justine Shotton Project Assistant
Ayona Silva-Fletcher Course Director for the MSc Vet Ed Course & Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Education
Josh Slater Professor in Equine Clinical Studies
Benjamin Smith Postdoctoral Researcher (Usherwood)
Ken Smith Professor of Companion Animal Pathology
Roger Smith Professor of Equine Orthopaedics
Emily Sparkes Departmental Technician (Biomechanics)
Katharina Staerk Professor of Veterinary Public Health Policy
Giacomo Stanzani Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Emergency and Critical Care)
Anneliese Stell Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine
Kim Stevens Assistant Lecturer in Epidemiology
Abubakar Suleiman PhD Student
Jennifer Summers Research Assistant
Hattie Syme Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine
Balazs Szladovits Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pathology


Al Taylor Staff Clinician in Anaesthesia
Gert ter Haar Senior Lecturer in Soft Tissue Surgery
Rebecca Terry Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Pathology)
Shirley Thackray PA to Prof Dirk Pfeiffer
Carole Thomas Lecturer
Sue Thomas PhD Student
Anna Threlfall Senior Clinical Training Scholar (Small Animal Medicine)
Christine Thuranira-McKeever Distance Learning Director
Lisa Thurston Lecturer
Fiona Tomley Head of Pathology and Pathogen Biology
Jane Tomlin Assistant Director of EMS
Jason Tupper Head of Equine Practice
Piotr Tytro Oncology Intern


Victoria Unt PhD Student (Equine Medicine and Surgery Group)
Jim Usherwood Readership in Locomotor Biomechanics


Steven Van Winden Senior Lecturer in Production Animal Medicine, Head of Farm Animal Health and Production Group
Martina Velasova PhD Student
Kata Veres-Nyeki Lecturer in Anaesthesia
Timothée Vergne Post Doctoral Researcher
Kristien Verheyen Senior Lecturer in Clinical Epidemiology
Louise Vince Research Assistant
Isobel Vincent Lecturer in Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Skills
Jaime Viscasillas Staff Clinician in Veterinary Anaesthesia
Holger Volk Clinical Director of the QMHA, Head of the Neurology & Neurosurgery service and Professor of Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery


Anna Walker Postdoctoral Researcher
Lou Wall Research Assistant
Michael Waters Lecturer Clinical Pathology
Christopher Wathes Professor of Animal Welfare
Claire Wathes Professor of Veterinary Reproduction
Victoria Watts Radiographer
Renate Weller Professor in Comparative Imaging and Biomechanics
Dominic Wells Professor in Translational Medicine
Kim Wells Postdoctoral Research Associate (Wells)
Perdi Welsh Lecturer in Veterinary Nursing
Dirk Werling Professor of Molecular Immunology
Timothy West Chief Technician and Laboratory Manager
Caroline Wheeler-Jones Professor of Vascular Cell Biology
Martin Whiting Lecturer in Veterinary Ethics and Law
Kim Whittlestone Senior Lecturer in Independent Learning, Deputy Director Professional Studies & Learning Support Officer
Lois Wilkie PhD Student
Simon Wilshin Postdoctoral Research post in Control of Legged Locomotion (Daley)
Alan Wilson Professor of Locomotor Biomechanics
Anna Wilson Project Manager
Thomas Witte Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery
Roger Woledge Professorial Research Fellow (Wilson)

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