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Vivian Allen

Vivian riding a goatI earned my BA in Archaeology and Geology in 2004 from the University of Bristol, and stayed there another year to study for an MSc in Palaeobiology supervised by Prof. Michael Benton.

In the process of writing my master’s thesis I became interested in biomechanics, both as a fascinating field in itself and as a quantifiable way of deducing the capabilities and even some of the behavior of extinct animals, particularly the gigantic dinosaurs whose existence proves the extremes to which the common vertebrate musculoskeletal system can be pushed.

This interest has led me here to the RVC, where I am currently engaged in a PhD supervised by John Hutchinson, focusing on the functional evolution and variation of the hindlimb in theropod dinosaurs and their avian descendents.

Update: Vivian graduated in 2011 and left for a postdoc in Jena, Germany - see How early reptiles moved for details. His webpage on Academia.edu is up-to-date.

Email: mrvivianallen at (@) gmail.com

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