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Livestock Production and Health

Research Programme Co-ordinator
Professor Dirk Werling

The Livestock Production and Health (LPH) programme brings together researchers from multiple disciplines to address issues of global importance relating to food security and public health.

New approaches are needed to meet the growing challenges of livestock production, and to control infectious diseases including those that also threaten human health.

LPH fosters collaboration between academics working at the population and ecosystem level (epidemiologists, public health experts, economists, wildlife biologists); at the herd, individual animal and molecular level (clinician scientists, pathologists, immunologists, reproductive biologists, geneticists, welfare scientists); and at the pathogen level (virologists, bacteriologists, parasitologists). 

We integrate knowledge generated from these complementary disciplines to address specific health problems in animals and people. Our research aims to provide technical solutions that take account of socio-economic conditions, and we work with governments and industry to support implementation. Our ethos is to champion a holistic systems approach to issues associated with livestock rearing in a welfare-friendly manner that can sustain global needs.

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