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Professional Doctorate

Why a Professional Doctorate with the RVC?

Our Professional Doctorates in Agriculture and Food (DAgriFood) and Veterinary Science (VetD) aim to offer professionals working in the agricultural and food or veterinary sectors the opportunity to develop their professional roles and to implement an independent programme of research within the workplace. The programmes are structured to deliver the opportunity to acquire advanced research skills and taught knowledge, with the central concept of “critical professionalism”.

vet examining cow with farmer

Through our two Professional Doctorate programmes we encourage students to find novel approaches for integrating academic and professional knowledge. Students are expected to make a contribution to both theory and practice in their field, and in particular to develop professional practice by making a contribution to professional knowledge.

They are part-time Distance-Learning programmes that run over a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 8 years. Online-based delivery will be the main method used, although there is the potential for up to 20% face-to-face delivery to be permitted for seminars and discussion workshops so as to provide networking opportunities, and for any practical units or assessment.

Students enrolling for January 2014 will start their programme with the module Methods of Enquiry 1.

Induction will be on 9th January 2014. We recommend you make every effort to attend campus for this introduction to the course.

Bursaries are available for eligible candidates through the Advanced Training Partnership
in Intensive Livestock Health and Production.
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See Fees and Financial Support.

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