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This Appraisal Review System will be unavailable from 8 September until further notice due to essential maintenance. It is anticipated that the system will be available to use again from w/c 29 September 2014 at the very latest, in readiness for the start of the 2014-2015 appraisal cycle. Line Managers should ensure any outstanding appraisals which relate to the 2013-2014 appraisal year are completed before 8 September and are asked not to create any appraisals for the 2014-2015 year until we confirm the system is ready to use.

Employees and/or Line Managers who wish to download their 2013-2014 appraisal form for their own records should do so before 8 September by logging in, clicking on their appraisal form, selecting the 'Preview' tab and then the pdf download option.

Please contact Staff Training & Development if you have any questions about the above


The College recognises that an annual appraisal system is an important mechanism for ensuring that College objectives are communicated to all staff and progress against them can be measured. As a result, an annual appraisal will be required of all members of staff in the College. The appraisal year runs from October to September with SMART objectives being set to cover this period. The deadline for 2013/14 appraisals to be completed was 29 November 2013.

How to Login to the Appraisals at RVC System

To login to the online system, staff should visit the Appraisals at RVC system, and use the same username and password as they would to login to the College network. For information about training sessions on how to use the online system, see below.

Appraisers should login to the system first and set up their appraisee's appraisal meeting date and time (appraisers are strongly encouraged to read the guidance notes, particularly section 3 - creating the appraisee's online form prior to using the system).

The system will send an email to the appraisee when their appraiser has completed this task, asking them to login and complete their appraisal form. Appraisees will then be able to access their appraisal form.

Appraisees and Appraisers are encouraged to read the Notes for Guidance (below) which have been developed to provide guidance on how to use the system, how to complete the form and what information needs to be captured by appraisers at the appraisal meeting to allow the process to be completed as smoothly as possible. These notes for guidance are also available to download after appraisees/appraisers login to the system

New starters who join the College during the appraisal year should be set SMART objectives until 30th September. Appraisers should complete the New Starter Objectives Form and return a completed copy to Staff Training and Development.

If you would like training on how to use the system, please contact Staff Training and Development on training@rvc.ac.uk.

Details of the improvements/revisions made to the online system for 2013-14 are detailed by clicking here.


Further help and guidance

If appraisees or appraisers cannot login to the system, or have any questions about the form and process, they should contact Staff Training and Development on training@rvc.ac.uk or extension 6987.

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